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I need some help, if anyone knows!
I tried to apply the old crack for pmdg 747 of fs2004 that it was explained how to avoid black screens in avionics, but in fs2004.
i knew that this action wasn't right, but i did it just in case. when im playing the new pmdg 747 fsx after a while avionics are dissappeared.Does anyone knows anything about that?...any solution?...any help?...
Thank you all!

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I have the same problme as you i just got the aircraft and after a few sec the avionics go black.So if anyone can help us that would be nice 😀 😀

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Duncan (Razgr1z912) First Officer

I was at my wits end trying to get this damn plane to work without the CRT displays turning off after 20 secs, then i found a comment by "guybrush_threepwood" on the FS9 torrent for the same plane.

Run the installer, when you get to the validation page, enter any email, any number combo [i used 20 digits, don't know if it matters], and any password. Hit 'Validate' and an error will happen. THEN use the 'enablebutton.exe' file, hit 'OK' for the error, and continue installing. DONT use the registry keys that come with the file, just run the game.

This worked for me... The displays stay on. I took off and cruised at 35000ft and left the game running for about 2hrs. The displays were still on when i came back and everything seemed to be working OK. I didn't bother trying to land, and I didn't try using the FMC, but as far as I can tell, all the aircraft systems are working properly. If there is still some kind of protection in the works, then it hasn't come up yet. Hopefully this helps someone as I have been looking for days on how to get this to work...

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n_codrington Trainee

hey guys, i've tried many different explanations on how to install this flaming plane, but the Next button on the installer won't enable. Somebody pls answer. I'm even looking for software that can decompile the installer so i can etract the files and install the files manually. can't find anything though.

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zakk hutton (chez64) First Officer

i get the displays go partialy blank eg. displays speed but not horizon or height

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