737 Throttle Problem

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Hey, I am having problems while flying the 737, as soon as I turn off the a/t, only throttle 1 is moving, This only happens sometimes, but I was wondering why this was happening. Any information will help.

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I have only had that issue happen once and it turns out I only had one engine selected.

if you go E 1 2 in rapid succession that is supposed to link the throttles so they both operate at the same time. See if that helps, if not someone more knowledgeable should be along in time to offer other advice.

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Thank you for your information. It is greatly appreciated

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Try using the F3 key as well, this triggers all of the throttle sticks at the same time 🙂. Also by pressing F4, you can add 100% throttle and F1 0% throttle 🙂

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