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Hi guys,

Can somebody tell me what the squawk is and what it is used for? And what is a pitot? And what is that used for?



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As far as I know squawk box is part of the Vatsim network and has nothing to do with talking.
To talk you can use team speak
yahoo ,or msn messenger to talk live.
We us to use Roger wilco but most pilots I know are drooping it because of the coct $

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When you are told by ATC to "Squawk 6352" for example, you need to put this number into the transponder found in the radio stack. This clever device sends a signal to ATC radar so they can see you on screen and associate the squawk code with you. Pitot well explained by the link provided above by my learned colleague!

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The pitot tube is the external part of the airspeed indicator it directly measures the force of the air impacting it. The pressure difference is registered as airspeed.

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Thanks for your help guys. 👍 👍

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If you are listening to real world ATC traffic, in the pilot's seat, in an airliner or with a scanner, you'll often hear the term "squak 3456 and ident". I have never heard the ident portion of that used in FS. As a previous poster said, that means set the transponder to 3456 and then push a button on the transponder labeled as "ident". That causes a solid rather than intermittent signal to be transmitted for a few moments which, in turn, causes a "bloom" or emphasized return on the controler's radar scope, making it easier for the controller to locate your aircraft on his screen.


Sir my squak box appears empty in FS9. It's jsut blank. For the FSInn it hangs when I click Inn setting inside FS9. Any suggestion that may help?
Good day


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