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Hi budies!

I need to know what to do to have textures shown on FSX, for those freewares airplanes I download with BMPs texture files. Some say they fly with no difficulties, and have textures on the airplanes. Some other say I need to turn off DirectX 10 from my machine... How do I do that?

Is there anybody willing to give a hand on this?

Thanks in advance.

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I took this off the net, look at the area that's circled.
Uncheck the DX10 box.


Controling Direct X Guest

I took this off the net, look at the area that's circled.
Uncheck the DX10 box.

To get to the page referred to in the above link, you need to choose CUSTOM in the graphics tab, then this window will appear and you can uncheck DX10.

This solved my problem with some add on planes which contained .BMP files in the textures.
Some downloaded add on aircraft came with bmp files in both binary and regular bmp formats.


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