Cannot find add-on scenery in FSX.

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I cannot find the downloaded John Lennon Airport scenery in FSX, and wondered what I was doing wrong? I've been to settings/scenery library/area when running FSX, but cannot get the program to see the airport as add-on scenery.
Any help would be very much appreciated!
Many thanks,

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While FSX add-on sceneries in principle can be installed without having to be activated, this is not always the case.

To ensure that the scenery in question has been activated, go Settings -> Scenery Library. If you can't see the scenery (John Lennon Airport) in the list, you'll have to manually activate the scenery by clicking on Add Area and navigating to the Addon Scenery folder. There you should find your John Lennon Airport.
If it's not there, you can't activate it. In that case, retrace your steps and this time place the John Lennon Airport scenery manually into the Addon Scenery folder.

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Stuart (Earwigo) Trainee

Thanks for that. When I go to Settings/Scenery library I do not see the airport there, so I click Add Area. I then see the airport listed, but when I click OK it lists the airport as Scenery Area Title, but nothing else happens. I cannot get beyond that small window - when I click OK nothing happens, even though it is listed where it says Directory...
I seem to be 'falling at the last hurdle' as it were! Please can you kindly help me more with this?
Many thanks for your time.

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OK let's go step by step but first let's make sure you've placed the folder where it belongs.
Before I install a new scenery, I always make sure that it contains the two necessary sub-folders.
If the scenery you are about to install is called John Lennon Airport, it must contain 2 sub-folders: Scenery & Texture. If one of these two sub-folders is missing, the scenery is incomplete and won't work.

Now, the main scenery folder "John Lennon Airport" (or whatever it's called), should be placed into the FSX / Addon Scenery folder.

Now you can activate the scenery - here are the steps:

1. Click on Add Area

2. Double-click on the Addon Scenery Folder

3. Click on the "John Lennon Airport" Folder

4. Click OK

The above method is for Windows XP OS. I am not familiar with Vista. Now I run W7 64 where in addition I have to click in a free space below the folder names. Without the additional click (right or left, it doesn't matter) the scenery won't activate.

Tell us how you're getting on and let us know which OS you are running.

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Stuart (Earwigo) Trainee

Hello. When I clicked in the space below the folder names it worked, and the scenery is shown as enabled priority one at the top of the list!
HOWEVER - when I try to access the airport from the sim it is not listed in either default or add-on scenery.
So many thanks for solving the first problem, but have you any idea as to why I still can't access the airport?

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I try to access the airport from the sim it is not listed in either default or add-on scenery.

Sorry, you've lost me there. Perhaps you are looking for the wrong name. It is quite possible that even though the Airport was named 'John Lennon', it might only show up as 'Liverpool' on the Airport list.

I usually write down the the Airport ID before I install a new airport scenery... saves me sharking around and scrolling through all the Liverpools, Parises and what not in the U.S.A.

I've created a default 'Free flight' departing from Seattle-Tacoma Intl (KSEA) in the Cessna.
When I load FSX, I simply change the CURRENT AIRCRAFT and the CURRENT LOCATION - the latter by emptying the "By airport name:" and typing in EGGP (for Liverpool) into "By airport ID:"

Again I could much more easily help you if you revealed the filename and the library of this exotic airport 😀 ...and, please tell me which Operating System (OS) you are using... Windows XP / Vista or Windows 7 (W7).

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Stuart (Earwigo) Trainee

Thanks again. I made an assumption that any scenery put in the add-on scenery folder would only be seen in the 'Search Add-On Scenery' section of the 'Select Airport' window.
When I set the scenery complexity to 'Normal' and went to Liverpool, sure enough the John Lennon airport was there, presumably appearing as a default piece of scenery.
That's been the confusion for me - what's 'add-on' and what isn't!
So it's all sorted thanks to you. I'm a pensioner living in the U.K. and enjoying very much FSX and all the add-ons, and cannot thank you enough for all your valuable help with this and the 'panel' problem.
Just for your info., I use W7, and the John Lennon airport is on the Fly Away downloads list.
I send my best wishes,
Stuart. 😎

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Earwigo wrote:

...presumably appearing as a default piece of scenery.
That's been the confusion for me - what's 'add-on' and what isn't!

Another habit I have adapted is to go to the airport and have a good look at it before I install the add-on. After that, going back to the airport the difference should be obvious.

This is a nice little add-on considering the small file size. There is an Update available at both Flightsim and Avsim - here's an excerpt from the ReadMe file:

This update contains files that have been fixed to remove bugs that were reported in the initial version 5.0 release (I've also added some extra detail to give a taste of what to expect in version 5.1!). Version 5.1 will be based around real world data with a modified airport layout to make the scenery more realistic and to align it to the Horizon VFR Photographic Scenery!!

Known Issues:

The AGNIS on Gates 1 to 6 and 51 to 56 are not aligned to the parking positions. This is being addressed in version 5.1!
Planes crash into 'invisible' buildings on approach to 27 and on the Tango apron. This seems to be a problem with excludes as I've not put any buildings in these locations!
The only fix for these collisions at present is to disable building crashes within the FSX settings (default setting is disabled!).

If you want the update, one easy way to find it quickly at those libraries is to type the name of the author in the appropriate place, in this case Paul Derbyshire, and then select the FSX Scenery section.

A note of caution - in the Update.txt the author says regarding the installation instructions to: "Extract the contents of the Archive to your add-on scenery folder in FSX (Over-write any existing version 5.0 installation)."

I've always been unhappy with this terminology in particular 'simply extract to...' because it can and does cause a lot of confusion and can create havoc within the sim.
I am aware that you are already proficient with placing files and folders manually where they belong... you really should stick to that habit whenever possible.

I would have said instead: Place the three .bgl files into your Liverpool John Lennon Airport FSX -> Scenery folder and over-write the existing ones when prompted.

Thanks for letting me know you're using W7 - I hope I'll remember 😀

The weather around Manchester and Liverpool must be the worst I've encountered... strangely though the people are among the friendliest and most fun-loving. The cuisine is acquired taste though. In the cafeteria at the University of Liverpool I ate Spaghetti Bolognese with a huge serving of chips on top! 😳

Enjoy the sim and don't hesitate to ask when problems arise 🍻

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Stuart (Earwigo) Trainee

Many thanks again.
Yes we 'Northerners' (I'm an exiled Yorkshireman now living in Norfolk), like to have chips with everything!!
If I could I'd buy you a've been so helpful!
have a good day.
Best wishes,
Stuart. 😀 😀 😀

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I realize this is an old thread---But I FINALLY got a new system and FSX to run on it. However I am having a near identical problem.
System is WIN 7 64

Some of my addon sceneries went in fine. I hit the EXE and it loaded in. Example is FlyTampa TNCM - loaded in perfectly, However FlyTampa Grenadines did not- these are 2 paywares I have
Also tied to addon a freeware, in fact a couple of them.

I created a file called FSX on a 3TB HD that I will use for FSX, my WIN7 is on C drive

Now what the problem is, is that the sceneries are in the Addon folder - the ones that didnt load right show up in the ADD Scenery area, HOWEVER, when I go to add them in, NOTHING happens. In fact IN game adding them in the scenery and texture files show as BLANK, even though the FSX game files show that everything is there.

Any idea's on this?

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CaptDennison First Officer

Nevermind, I found out how to fix it all, and where exactly to click to get scenery added in--man Microsoft is one screwed up company, cant even make thing run the same way as always-oh well

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Sorry CD, I only just saw your post - happy to hear you've worked it out and found the hidden trick.

Sadly most simmers are also Microsoft-addicts 😳

I dread the day when we'll all be forced to run W8.

One day... one day I will sit down and find out how to run the sim on Linux or some other alternative OS - I heard it's possible.

I have a feeling that MS put together that last disaster (is it called Freeflifgt?) quickly because they realised that their own creations e.g. Windows and FS cannot communicate with each other. Now that's what I call a major FAIL!!! 😛

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