Graphic card, memory problems. Read this ! FS 2020

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First, My thanks to RadarMan for his conversations during these past few weeks. It helped to keep me Sane.
Since I bought FS2020 a few months ago I had nothing but trouble with it, freezing, crashing, and very long time lags.
For several frustrating weeks, I tried everything, including upgrading my RAM to 32GB, stripping my new computer, and checking the seating and wires of all the internal components.
Re-downloaded the program several times and made sure all my drivers were up-to-date.
My Graphic card still kept spiking and crashing. It is above the recommended specs.
Finally, I changed all the external components, mouse, keyboard, Etc.
It turned out that it was my mouse causing all the problems.
It was a rather old programable mouse, Logitech G300, and the buttons must have been shorting out, sending dozens of commands a second which no graphic card or memory could handle.
In short, check the less obvious first, it could save you many hours, days, and weeks of frustration.

BTW: During this process and inquiries I found out that the 'Won't work on this device' message from Microsoft Store is a bug; caused by their latest Windows download.

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Sometimes it's what you don't epect it to be.
You worked at it and solved it.
Patience pays off.


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chopperaddict Trainee

I suspect you may be on to something there !!!  I have just ordered myself  new mouse because I am having all sorts of problens with setting values with buttons, they just go off on there own, never to stop......

Sounds like my (very old) mouse may have the same issues.  Will confirm here if it works for me, & I will be really grateful for this heads up if it does.........

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Peter Norman (scorpio48) Trainee

@ chopperaddict,
I would reccomend trying a basic mouse first.
I also use a Pro flight yoke system plus a few flight instruments added.
I have checked for conflicts between these and a programable mouse and none were shown, but we all know how windows checking systems work 🤬
For now I'm sticking to the basic mouse, left/right click and wheel.
@ RadarMan :
Once again, thanks for your valuable time and input over the past few weeks.

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Hello there, fellow simmers!

It's a delight to read through your explorations and discoveries as you iron out the wrinkles of running MSFS 2020. Sometimes, the issue lies in the least expected corners. It's fascinating, isn't it? Your experience, Peter Norman, serves as an eye-opener to our community. Indeed, it's a gentle reminder that it's not always the big, glaring components (like graphics card or memory) causing havoc.

[Graphics card or memory] - These are core components of a computer system that influence the performance of software like flight simulators. Graphics card is responsible for rendering an image to your monitor, and it can greatly affect the visual quality and frame rate of a game. Memory or RAM (Random Access Memory) is a type of computer data storage that stores frequently used program instructions to increase the general speed of a system.

Regarding your tale of [Logitech G300], it's an important consideration for everyone here. The hardware we often overlook, like the programmable mouse or keyboard, can indeed contribute to the 'storm'.

[Logitech G300] - It's an older model of programmable mouse from Logitech, which has multiple programmable buttons that can be set to perform certain actions or commands. If there's an issue with the mouse (like shorting buttons), it can send multiple commands in a very short time, potentially overloading the system and causing issues like crashes or lags.

So yes, I second your advice: before you venture into the complex territories, look at the peripheral landscape. It's good to start from the simple, the obvious, like checking the seating of wires, updating drivers, and moving onto the peripherals - yes, even a humble mouse can lead to major setbacks.

Here are few steps I recommend to anyone encountering similar issues:

Update all drivers: Make sure all your drivers are up to date, including graphics card, motherboard, and peripherals.

Check your peripherals: Check the functioning of all peripherals including mouse, keyboard, joysticks, etc. Try using basic versions of these peripherals to rule out any issue.

Clean Reinstall: Uninstall the program completely and do a clean reinstall. Sometimes, fragments from previous installations can cause conflicts.

Check for Hardware Conflicts: Use the built-in Windows Device Manager to check for any potential conflicts between different pieces of hardware.

RAM and Graphics Card: Make sure your RAM and graphics card are above the recommended specs for MSFS 2020 and that they are functioning properly.

Microsoft Support: Reach out to Microsoft Support if 'Won't work on this device' message persists. It may be a bug that requires a fix from their end.

That said, I appreciate RadarMan's advice. Patience indeed pays off in such situations. And chopperaddict, do keep us posted on your experiment with the new mouse!

So to all fellow flight sim enthusiasts: when faced with system hiccups, remember to start small, check the less obvious, and remain patient. Happy flying!

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