Flight Plan v ATC. ???

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Hi All,
Is there anyway to get ATC flight instructions to match your Flight Plan.
Altitude, Heading Etc.
I know about requesting altitude increase/ decrease and 'follow your own navigation' Etc, but if following IFR rules under ATC the instructions seem to wildly differ from your flight plan.
I can understand diversions for emergencies Ect, but under normal use surely this don't reflect real flight operations.
Perhaps I'm wrong, anyone care to explain.

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Thanks RD,
Not quite what I was looking for.
I set a flight plan with an altitude of FL290.
I can use Ground control to give me IFR clearance and the Tower for Take off Etc, and all seems OK.
If I then use ATC under IFR it always gives me wildly different altitudes, and a heading that takes me off my original flight plan.
To get over this I can either cancel the Instrument Flight Rules and just use Flight Following, or simply don't use ATC.
I notice that all the 'Flight Plan' videos don't use any Ground Control, or Air Traffic Control.
This is also the same when I was using FSX and earlier simulators.
Perhaps this is the way it works in real life, if it is then whats the point of filing a flight plan with waypoints, speeds Altitudes, Etc.
Using ATC does get me to the correct airport eventually.
Just my curiosity about true flight, but there is a possability that I'm doing something wrong, or some unknown reason for this.
Perhaps if there is a real airline pilot out there he could help out my curiosity.

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