SimBrief Flight plans, I need advice.

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I have only just started using the SimBrief flight plan generator, after using the built-in one.
A couple of questions before I start using it for my sim flights.
1) Do I have to copy the SimBrief flight plan into the built-in flight plan generator (Map) or do I just ignore the built-in one?
2) Is there an automatic way to get your flight plan into the Flight Management System, or do you have to enter waypoints Etc manually 
I have looked at several videos, manuals etc; but I'm stuck on the above.
Any tips are welcome.
Don't want to experiment too much, in case I cause problems.

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I never used it, see if this helps.


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RD to the rescue again

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Hi there,

Your questions are quite pertinent, especially for those transitioning from the built-in MSFS flight planner to SimBrief. Here's my two cents on the matter:

1. SimBrief Integration vs. Built-in Planner: You have the option to import SimBrief flight plans directly into MSFS without needing to copy them into the built-in flight planner. Once you've generated a flight plan on SimBrief, you can download it as a '.pln' file (that's the default flight plan file for MSFS). Next, move this file to the dedicated MSFS flight plans folder, which is typically located under 'LocalState' in your MSFS installation folder.

When you launch your MSFS and select the 'Load/Save' option from the 'World Map' screen, you should see your SimBrief plan available. It's a more straightforward approach and negates the need to duplicate efforts between the built-in planner and SimBrief.

2. Automatic Flight Plan Transfer to the FMS: Direct import of flight plans from SimBrief into the FMS is a functionality that largely depends on the aircraft you're operating. Some third-party aircraft models offer this feature - allowing for a seamless transition from pre-flight to cockpit setup.

For instance, aircraft models developed by Aerosoft and PMDG have an FMS feature known as 'Company Route.' This allows you to enter a specific identifier, and the FMS will pull up the corresponding flight plan you've created in SimBrief.

On the other hand, if the aircraft model you're using doesn't support direct import, you might need to manually input your flight plan into the FMS. This is usually the case with default MSFS aircraft.

It's important to note that manually entering your flight plan into the FMS isn't a bad thing - in fact, it adds another layer of realism to your simulation, as real-world pilots often manually input data into their FMS. Plus, this process can enhance your understanding of your aircraft's FMS and navigation procedures.

I hope these tips are helpful. Don't hesitate to post further queries. It's through such questions and discussions that we can all improve our flight sim experiences. Happy flying!

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