Dell XPS420 Vista ATI Radeon HD 3450 Graphics suggestions

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I bought FS9 way back in 2004 but really never played with it much as life got in the way. I am now playing around with it all the time.  Yes I know I have a old system but I don't use this computer for any and decidec to instal it on this computer for starters.  Actually not bad but then I really don't know what is normal or what it looks like on a decent system (ModernSystem) so I'm reaching out for some comments or suggestions. Before I continue yes I will eventually be buying a good system and getting into MSFS 2020 but for now having fun with FS9.  SO now I'll give more of the details I can us a tipical monitor but then it seems to small and I have a LG HD tv not using really at 1080 so I have the HDMI out of the dell to the LG and it works real well I then run a computer connector from the same display card to the smaller monitor and use it to make the GPS large enough to read whats on it.  SO question one I never see anyone other then using a monitor  or never hear about people using an old tv or new one to get the big screen look? Why? Now maybe it's cause it even though might be HD it can't get as good of quality as a decent monitor. But If I'm getting a decent picture with my old dell and an acncient graphics card then what would I get if I had a newer system? My only beef is if you look in the distance for like looking for the airport or the scenery at the top of the screen furtherist out seem to be out of focus or wavering or flowing motion but not sharp like close in.  Even the aircraft if you move it furher away starts to look like lines moving through it but closer it is very sharp. So my next question is is this what evferyone else is getting even on the high end systems or they have it sharp and can pick out the airport in the distance,. maybe that's why people don't use a bigger screen?  SO if I had a higher end display would the total screen be sharp on my tv?   ALso I know you can go into the program and changeto  different numbers, values and this can change the display so maybe this is part of my problem.  Any suggestions or examples of systems that people are happy with so I might know what to upgrade to.  As a reference I installed FSX on another dell computer much newer with win10 and a better graphics card but certainly not a gaming display and the picture and scenery is much better sharper but still the distance un focusted, now this is on a 24 inch monitor but again not high end monitor. Yes I know FSX has better graphics then FS9 but again is this changed by the type of display you use or is it mainly the graphics controller that makes all the difference?  Again any info is greatly appreciated.  Sorry for the long post.


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