Enhancing Clouds and Waves in MSFS: Recommended Software for Ultra Settings


For MSFS can you advise the best software for clouds and wave enhancement, please?
Able to run ultra settings on my PC.

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Hello Robbo,

Certainly, enhancing the visual fidelity of a flight simulator, especially elements like clouds and waves, can provide a much more immersive and realistic experience. Given that you mentioned you can run MSFS on ultra settings, I'll tailor my suggestions to ensure you get the most out of the sim's graphics capabilities.

1. For Clouds:
Rex Weather Force 2020: This is a dynamic weather system that integrates real-world data into MSFS. Not only does it offer a plethora of cloud types, but it also ensures the skies behave in a manner that mirrors the real world. The software seamlessly integrates with MSFS and brings the sky to life with its stunning and realistic cloud formations. From my knowledge, it remains one of the top choices for many enthusiasts. More information can be found on their official website: Rex Weather Force 2020.

2. For Waves:
The base MSFS 2020 already offers some remarkable wave and water effects, especially at ultra settings. However, if you're looking to further enhance the waves:

WavesFX: While not an official release from Asobo or Microsoft, it tweaks the wave patterns and behaviors based on wind and weather conditions. Though it's more of a mod than a standalone software, its enhancements to the waves are quite noticeable and realistic.

However, I must stress the importance of always backing up your default files before introducing any third-party software or mods. This ensures that you can revert back in case of any unforeseen issues or incompatibilities.

Lastly, could you specify whether you have any particular features or functionalities in mind regarding these enhancements? Are you looking for software that emphasizes aesthetics alone, or are you also seeking more accurate weather dynamics? The clearer you can be with your requirements, the better I can guide you toward the perfect solution for your setup.

Side note: For users of both MSFS and X-Plane 12, it's worth noting that while some concepts in weather rendering might be similar, the specifics of software and integration can differ. Always ensure that the software or mod you're exploring is compatible with your flight simulator platform.

Hope this helps, and happy flying!

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