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I have a few A300B4 aircraft that have taxi light switches but the lights themselves do not work.

I also have a few A380-800s that have taxi lights that work when you are viewing externally, but do not work when viewed from inside the plane.

Can this be corrected? If so, how? I'm wondering if the Aircraft config file can we tweaked or whether there is a problem with the airplane's model.



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I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but take a look anyway.
As for the CFG, you'll have to wait for someone of the members who has worked with them.

For different aircraft.


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Somebody else had this problem the other day,and yes you can sort it out via the config file
Go here and its the 3rd from bottom for the line you have to edit ➡

Our thanks to kevin2003 for the answer Group Wave

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Thanks for the suggestions, but my thinking is that it is either the model or the aircraft.cfg file because I only have this problem in certain aircraft. In the A380 I will try raising my seat because I could see where perhaps that is the issue, but I have a few A300B4s with the same problem. I'm really hoping it's as simple is changing a 0 to a 1 on some line in the aircraft config. I haven't checked my fs9.cfg yet but I will check it also. Again, MOST of my aircraft have lights that work as they should; only a handful do not.

Thanks again and keep the suggestions coming!


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I got it!!!!

you have to go outside, change the lightbulbs and it will work fine!!!!

Just kidding. 😉 🙄

Did you check out your ac cfg??

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