landing fees?

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What is a landing fee, and when do you get one?

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A landing fee is an amount of money that is collected by the airport on which you land, every time you land. They are reasonable on small fields, but it gets higher if you want to land at Dulles International 🙂
If you are part of an aeroclub sometimes you just pay the membership and it counts for the landing fees at the airfield the aeroclub is based.

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So if I am flying touch and goes at my local airport, would I have to pay landing fees?

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It depends in what country you fly, some airports would just charge you for the last landing, or would charge you a certain amount of money for doing Touch and Goes for fourty-five minutes for example. But if you're part of the aeroclub, sometimes you don't need to pay a landing fee at all at your local airport.

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Ok, thanks.

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I think the answer to this question depends on what country you are in and what type of airplane you are flying. I have been flying light aircraft in the USA for over thirty-three years and have landed several thousand times at airports ranging from grass strips to the main runways at San Francisco Intl, LAX, and Honolulu Intl. In all that time and with all those landings, I have never, with one exception, paid a landing fee. The exception is a private airport on Catalina Island off the coast of southern California. They receive no public funding and no funding from selling fuel and charge all aircraft that land there a small fee. If I remember correctly, it was $5 for my C-172.

There are a few airports that charge light aircraft an overnight parking fee if you leave your aircraft on the field overnight but those are even in the minority.

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Thanks Don, that's what i wanted to hear. 😀

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Actually I was speaking about Europe, where I live (in Switzerland) there are quite expensive landing fees on every single airfield 🙄 🙄 😞

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My experiance with landing fees in the US is normally commoercial aviation pays landing fees which now include security fees unless I go to an intl airport. Ohare charged me 77.00 to land there and midway was about the same. but the fees come from the fbo. if you know where your going to land you can call the fbo's listed and the fees are completely different. when I fly to smaller airports they have landing and parking fees but normally waive the fees if you buy a certain amount of gas ussually 7 gallon. hope that helps

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i am not a pilot yet, but i have a pilot friend who said most of the medium sized municiple airports and almost all the township airports were free of charge for that right?

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Flying Fees normally depend on the Airports importance and size.

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