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Rudder pedals, the experience

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Micah Captain

Hi guys,

Well i finally recieved my CH rudder pedals, and wanted to report back on them.

I have to say that it really does make a difference. Taxiing is so much more enjoyable now, rather than turn my yoke, i have the real deal to see me round the airport.
Approaches are also made easier as the rudder pedals help you line up your plane of choice beautifully with the runway and touch down on that centre line.

So, if you are thinking of getting pedals, they are a worthwhile investment!

Just thought i would keep you all posted.

Micah 😛

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Pro-Sim First Officer

Thanks Micah .... I have been unure about getting the pedals for a long time - I have the CH Yoke and it's transformed the sin... but as I mainly fly the heavy airliners, I don't use Rudder much at all....

But it sounds grat for taxi-ing and on Approach.... 😂

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horrgakx First Officer

I've only ever used pedals once (on a semi-pro cockpit simulator) and they were tricky. Unfortunately I'm not in a position with my PC setup to use them. I stick to the numeric keypad and only ever use the rudder controls in a helicopter. I'm sure a lot of people are in the same situation.

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