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I am very new and trying to learn the FS2004. Can't believe how amazing it is. My questions:

1. When downloading these planes (Mike Stone's C-130) I don't seem to be getting virtual cockpit capability. Is that normal? When I "look" around in VC format the plane is half visible.

2. When taking off in these planes, I'm nearly joystick full forward trying to bring the climb down. Is that normal or do I just no know what I'm doing? I'm afraid my add-on planes are acting up, but before blaming them want to be certain. Thanks very much.


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Answer for number 1.
Most add-on planes don't have virtual cockpits. It is normal.

Answer for #2.
Have you tried trimming it?


Thanks on question no. 1 and no I haven't on 2. I will keep practicing on the trimming. Thanks again, appreciate it.


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I have two hat switches on my joystick so I've programmed one of them to the trim. 😉 It is very convienent. 😀

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