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Eurocontrol Zones

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kevin2003 Trainee

would anyone have a link to a chart with the various Eurocontrol zones
displayed? I flew into one last night on Vatsim (Eurocontrol South)at FL330 and was blissfully unaware until I commenced my descent, whereupon I was
"pinged" by the controller.Surely there is a chart with these important ATC regions.I tried to "Google" it but have come up with nothing.Crying or Very sad



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tomthetank Chief Captain

😳 Im quite shocked that I could not find one 😳
Have a look here for anything useful ➡ a pdf page

I will continue the search 😉

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kevin2003 Trainee

It is quite shocking Tom Fear I spent hours searching to no avail yesterday (How sad is that!). Went online last night and noticed there was someone manning Eurocontrol West.I opened the chat box and asked him straight out "Whats the deal with the charts for the Eurozones?" He kindly sent me this URL:

For anyone flying online in Europe over FL245 these charts are almost essential.

Thanks for taking the trouble to join in the search Tom.I hope the above link is of some value.

kindest regards


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