What would....

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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

.... you say is the best Freeware scenery,aircraft etc.. or Payware that you have ever downloaded or bought ❓
If there is something you really want to recommend please give me/us a link.

Here's what I'd say:

Freeware scenery: Bacolod Airport

Payware Scenery: UK2000 Gatwick

Payware Plane : 737NG by PMDG

Freeware Plane : IFDG A318

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

The best freeware aircraft that I have is the AFG Pilatus PC-12. 😀 😀

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

For reasons I can't fully explain, the Tupolev TU-334 has turned into my favorite. I don't usually like commerical jets, but this one is so damned pleasant. 😀

BTW, everything I've added is freeware.

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Chris102 Chief Captain

Freeware scenery: Bremen

Payware Scenery: Aerosoft Manhattan

Payware Plane: Captain Sim Legendary 707

Freeware Plane: Project Opensky 757-200

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Tu144...that's the Supersonic one right?

I tried it. But man, you cant see squat with the visor up. I mean, I guess there's not a lot to see at FL530, but still 😛.

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SoCalRick First Officer

Freeware scenery: NL2000 (wow! 600+ MB of delight)

Payware Scenery: Swiss Pro

Payware Plane : PMDG 737NG upgraded to 737-800/900

Freeware Plane : Boeing 727-200 The Vans Aircraft Co.

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Michael_H First Officer

Freeware scenery: Bacolod Airport

Don't have any payware scenery

Payware Plane : 737NG by PMDG

Freeware Plane : IFDG A318


What is the main advantage of upgrading to the 800/900 series?
What are the main differences?


LVBer123 Guest

Freeware Scenery: Bremen

Payware Scenery: FlyTampa KSFO

Freeware Aircraft: Still the Dassault Falcon 50 for FS2002

Payware Aircraft: Travel Air by Bill Lyons

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Freeware scenery: LaGuardia (don't know who made it, but t here's only one upgrade)

Payware scenery: Even though I don't fly there often, the FlyTampa SFO airport. Way better than my simflyers stuff.

Freeware aircraft: Maule 6-pack

Payware aircraft: Do I have to pick just one? Well, another one I don't fly as often but think deserves a good rating is the ERJ-145 by feelthere.

Freeware utility: FSAutoStart

Payware utility: FSBuild!

In response to Michael_H's question about the 800/900 series, it enhances the plane as a whole. I pretty much never fly the 900 series, and almost never fly the 800 series, but even the basic 600/700 models got just a little sweeter. They upgraded the panels with a more realistic look (which previously i was against, but now I REALLY appreciate), they added a working TCAS system (very handy), a few different display options for the gauges, and I think a few other things. There's nothing so major that you'll go "wow, that was an upgrade," but you'll certainly be very glad if you upgraded it, especially since you've probably been flying the original for a while.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Freeware Scenery ➡

Bremen (search Avsim)A very detailed airport with moving ground traffic.10/10

LFRD A small regional airport near the historic town of St-Malo in Brittany, France.Again very detailed with more buildings and trees10/10
Have a look here ➡


More good freeware scenery here(some with ground traffic) ➡


Freeware aircraft ➡

Project Fokker


Any IFDG Airbus or Boeing 10/10

Payware aircraft ➡

737NG by PMDG 10/10


Level D 76710/10



Freeware utility ➡

FSConvigurator11/10 Yep 11 out of 10
Speed up the AI aircraft

Avsim or Flightsim

I have some payware scenery VFR Scenery UK and Fsterrain,both very good

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Jared Captain

The PMDG 737 and the F1 Cessna skyhawk 172R. Once the PMDG 747 comes out it will definantly be the best EVER.

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