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CPU still overheating

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I have 4 case fans now, but the CPU temp is still around 60 degrees C, and it shuts down on itself.....
is something wrong with the heatsink? but the heatsink fan is running....
what would be the reason?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

You have 4 case fans, they should be taking cool air in from the lower front and expelling hot air from the upper rear or top.

Check the heatsink for caked in dust between the narrow vanes. Don't blow compressed air into the fans if they are running, put a thin object against the fan blade and then use the compressed air. If you don't you can damage the bearings.

If you redid (put new silver paste) under the heatsink (even spread) or be sure the gasket is properly seated.


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It sounds like the heatsink is not mounted properly and not making proper contact with the CPU die.

Which CPU and which heatsink do you have?

I would take it off and clean it up, then carefully apply thermal grease to the top of the CPU die (after making sure both the heatsink, and the CPU die are spotless) and then re-install your heatsink.

Here is an AMD support video if you need it.,,30_182_869_4348%5E6678,00.html

Here's something on P4 chips.

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Even though the fan on the heatsink is spinning,it may not be spinning fast enough
Check to see if your mobo supports some kind of monitoring or check via the Bios screen

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Programs like Aida 32 will give you fan speeds providing the sensors are present on the board.

Did this just start heating up, or has it been running hot since you got it or built it?

Post back with some specs eg. CPU, Power Supply etc.

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You're bios may give you fan speeds, mine does.

In the past I have had both problems with CPU fans and also a heat sink that was too small. Installing a larger heat sink might help. A better CPU fan might also help.

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I tried to fiddle with it, but couldnt figure out.....i am gonna take it to the vender, its still under warrantee....thanks guys for the suggestions

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