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whenever i go to fly at someplace that has a very high elevation, ATIS always says the altimeter setting is 29.92. how do iget that changed so that i dont take-off into a mountain? I would really like to have the right altimeter settings so that i can calculate altitudes and set autopilot altitudes. very weird, if anyone has any inputs, would appreciate the help.

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Press the B key to get corrected altimeter settings.


i try that but atis says it is always 29.92.

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Anonymous wrote:

i try that but atis says it is always 29.92.

That is not your altitude setting, that is the barometric pressure for setting your altimeter. Click on the map and look at the airport, it will give the altitude of the airport there. If barometric pressure changes it changes your altimeter since they work off of barometric pressure.

Pressing the B key will correct your altimeter if it is incorrect.


how can i set my autopilot if the altitude is more than o feet? do i just add from current elevation? 5,000 elevation means that when i take-off, and they tell me to climb to 9000 feet, i just add 9000 to 5000? i just cant understand that.

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If where you take off from is 5000 feet your altimeter should read 5000 feet and if they tell you to climb to 9000 feet then you would climb until you reach 9000 feet (which would be 4000 feet from where you took off. All references to altitude is from sea level, not from what the altitude was where you took off..

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If you use one of the games' default weather settings, pressure will always remain constant. If you want variations depending on where you're flying use real world weather. That way, whenever you're under 18,000ft pressure will vary. Just remember that above 18,000ft your altimeter must be set to 29.92
As already stated, this is NOT your altitude. This is the barometric pressure registered at your location. It is given to you by ATC so that all planes flying in that area have the same altimeter settings.

Regarding the altitude question...It doesn't matter what the airport altitude is, if ATC tells you to climb to 9000ft you just set 9000 in your autopilot (make sure you have the correct barometric pressure) and flyaway. If you requested a higher flight level ATC will not clear you all the way to tht altitude....you will have to "step" climb waiting for atc clearance.

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