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cheekytrolly Guest

Im having some issues trying to refill my aircarft at the petrol pumps in fs2004.

Firstly, when I pull up to a pump in Corsica (just downloaded addon) nothing happerns to the fuel gauge. I switch my engine off right next to the pump (like 30cm away) and nothing happens. I wait for a good 2 minute to watch the needle rise but nothing happens! This dosent usually happen, it works at all other pumps around the world! How can I fix this?

Also, in my newly downloaded De Havilland Chipmunk, I get the fuel critically low warning sign when I still have 20% left of fuel still! Why is this???

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

This dosent usually happen, it works at all other pumps around the world!

You mean that you have an add-on that show you a fuel pump refuiling your craft???I didnt knew that there is such like a thing ❗ Can you give as link?

What about when you have to refuel a B-747 or A-380...How long is the rubber of this pump? 😉 ❓ Dont Know or it includes refuel vehicles too?

As about the warning and the 20% can leave the warning and check how flight time remaining.Maybe this craft is fuel hungry.... 😉

spuddi Guest

greekman, i think he means he parks next to the refeuling pumps that are on the default airfields.

if the default aircraft fill up ok at the same pump then it must be something to do with the downloaded aircraft. does the needle change if you fill it up using the menu option (aircaft - fuel and payload)?

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Wall Bashing Wall Bashing Wall Bashing

Well i misunderstand Embarassed with a funny way the whole imagination goes far away sometimes... 😉

Thanks a lot for your explanation Spuddi. 😉

spuddi Guest

as for the 20% warning look into the aircraft.cfg for something to do with warning, possibly something like fuel_low_warning=0.2

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Did you try any of the other ways to refuel to see if it's a problem with the aircraft or with doing it at the pump.

Take your choice of these three ways.
1: Taxi over to the fuel pumps. Get close.
2: Assign a key to the command "Add Fuel Quantity".
3: Select "Aircraft - Fuel and Payload" from the menu (press Alt).


cheekytrolly Guest

Thanks people. I have tried both default aircraft and addon aircraft at the pumps in corsica and they dont work. When I press CTRL+X (automatic refual) the needle creeps up fine.


Guest Ed Guest

I don't think it's only Corsica. A lot of the FS09 airports seem to have the same problem. I have the "Add fuel" assigned to ctrl-F.

Has anyone else noticed that it doesn't count as a crash if you hit one of the fuel pumps? You can slice through it with your wing with no crash registering. Don't try this in real life! 😳


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JTH First Officer

Yes of all things to crash into a fuel pump has to be one of the worst 😉

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