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i've got a small rtather annoing problem. I've got two monitors pluged into my pc. One for the main view and onother one to display gauges. When i get my gauges on the other screen and i go to fullscreen mode everything works perfect but if i want to go to window mode pressing alt+enter again computer reboots 😳 If anyone knows what's going on please let me know.

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Your video card may not be able to take the switch, it may be getting old.
Or, you need to clean out and reinstall the video drivers.

Let us know what happens.


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problem solved. it appeard that fs2004 can't run on dual core processors. I had to swith one of the cores off and now everything is fine. Ps card can't be getting old yet.... its new nvidia 7800 gtx 🙂 thnx anyway !

By the way. That dual core procesor causes some other problems as well. Disappearing textures and stuff like that.

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Good to know information. I was planning on getting a new computer and the company offers dual core processors and mother boards with two, single core processors. Any other reasons not to get the dual core processors? I'm guessing that two processors would be better than one or even two dual core processors. 🙂

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