Fatal error...

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Oh no!!!

after having this problem...

I've reinstalled the package, but its made things worse!!

When on the loading screen just before my flight, a message documenting a fatal error comes up and FS closes!!

I've sent the error report to MS, don't really know if that will do any good.

The report said something about panel.dll

Any suggestions??

This is the error signiture if it helps...
AppName: fs9.exe AppVer: ModName: panels.dll
ModVer: Offset: 0002eee3

Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

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As a first step try restore your system to a previous date PW.

Keep calm...problems are to be solved 😉

chlorinekid Guest

try this...

go to your main fs9 directory and delete (by delete i mean move somewhere else! ie desktop) the OLEACC.DLL file

then try and run...

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Well, thanks guys for your help.

I managed to restore my PC to before uninstalling PSS 777 and Dash-8 and then I reinstalled pilot in command and this has solved my problems however now I have a new problem...

I'm a bit short of HDD space at the moment and I could do with getting rid of PSS 777, i.e. 1 gig of program that is Censored

Based on the last day, I don't really want to uninstall any FS related programs so has anyone got any advice as to what to do??

Thanks 😉

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First I would create a new Restore Point again. Next make a copy of the 'PANELS.DLL' - it's inside the Modules folder.
These are only precautions.
If your PSS-777 has an 'Uninstall' option in the start menu, use that. If not, search through the PSS folder using Windows Explorer and look for an 'uninstall.exe'. If you find one, run it.
Last resort, uninstall via Control Panel. I don't anticipate any problems but if there are, you always have the Restore Point.

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