Incorporating HUD to FS2004 aircraft?

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DSB Design have released their HUD as a freeware addon; I have downloaded it but there are no instructions on how to use it.

Can anyone tell me (in simple steps) what I have to do to incorporate it into any aircraft please?


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Sorry I don't have any idea how to operate it.
Why not write to him.

David Brice
Product Manager - DSB Design


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horrgakx First Officer

Thanks for the reply. I'd assume it would be just like any other guage? Not that I've tinkered in this area before 🙄 Will email them & see what they say.


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I've DLed it but haven't looked at it yet. However, having installed a HUD in a couple of heli's which I have I can say that it is just a matter of defining a new window with the HUD in it. Then when you want to use it you just press the appropriate "Shift-#" et voila! there she is.

Edit: Yes, I went and looked at the package and far's I can tell, that's all you should need. I'll be trying it out this morning after the news is done.

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