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On an ILS approach with HUD, how far out does the visuals appear?

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That would all depend on the weather, now wouldnt it Smile

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I am referring to the visual flight path.

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still depends on the weather

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This could be because I'm terribily tired at the moment, but what's a visual flight path? "Flight Path" rings a bell, and that is not something you can actually see, "Visual Approach" comes to mind, which again isn't something tangible, but "visual flight path"..? Dont Know

remind me..

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Ah - I got it. Its the function that draws virtual 'guides' or marks on the screen that get you down to the runway. Please do excuse me, I have only used this function once in my life and that was to see what it was, and then never looked at it again as I personally do not like it at all.

They appear as soon as you can receive the ILS frequency, as that's what they are linked to. At least - thats what I just found when I tried it out.

budsie175 Guest

This is what I was referring to. It is listed under Aircraft as Visual flight path. In FS2002 it was only visible from the cockpit but in FSX it seems to be viible from a chase view also. Can be used with or without ILS. Good for practicing landings.

By default, the range of nearly all Locallizer/ILS transmitters in FS9 is 27 nautical miles. These transmitters are located at the far end of any given runway, so if a runway is 10,000' long, you'll be closer to 25 NM from touchdown before you pick it up.


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