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Really now...I've toyed with FS2000Pro. It was cool until I upgraded equipment. Now I want to buy another Flight Simulator. Of all the programs available out there, which one would you buy?

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Hi Pagedsurfer, noone could recommend anything without knowing your rig's specs. Me, I built a P4/2.53 Mhz, 512 Rambus, FX 5900 Ultra and M$2004 runs great and is the best F$ I have owned!! Good Luck, rob

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😎 Aloha PS, Well to tell you the truth, that is your choice as their are two great choices, 1 being MSFS2004 or X-Plane, that would be up to you.
Now all things being equal as I see it, the choice lays in the fact if you want true realism over a great product like vFS2004, its a hard choice since we want to have fun and be true to the sim. Yuor friend Ric

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Thanx 4 the replies so far! I have a Dell Precision workstation running dual Xeon 933's, a 64 MB Fire GL graphics card and 256 MB (only!) of RAM. It's very reliable running Win2000Pro. I do Architecture with AutoCad 2004 ADT and rendering in VIZ4. I have CH rudder pedals and yoke. Thanx again for the dope!


I think, Graphics and RAM will pose a problem. Only 64 on the Card and 256 main RAM don't sound pretty good. You should think about upgrading those two.

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