737 NG Question - Can u help please ??

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Hi all,

I know the 737 NG has a superb, really true to life FMC, but can anyone who has it please tell me whether you are also able to just open up a GPS ?? (Even the Hand-held GPS unit)..... ??

I've heard the FMC takes hours / days / weeks to fully read up on and I want to experience the plane in the air quickly..


PS. I've just bought it from PC world but I'm staying at my girlfriends until Sunday, so won't be "Airborne" until then !!

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Sorry, no GPS for the PMDG 737NG. The best way to get airborne quickly with it is to download the tutorial from their website and follow it. Don't be in too much of a hurry - there's a lot to learn about this acft, but it's really fun learning, and quite rewarding. I bought it and really enjoyed learning how to fly it, but gave up because it's a real memory hog, and my 256Meg system can't handle it. Think I'll go sit on a street corner with a sign: WILL WORK FOR RAM. 😉 No problem for your new system. Have fun.

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You could also use FS built in flight planner and get ATC instructed flight, its as easy way to get up and running with the aircraft while you read up on the FMC in your own time and pace. Its the best aircraft addon I have ever had and it will perform as a 737 (too much weight and fuel and you will need a longer runway for take off).


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Thanks Arky and Patw,

I guess I will need to do that reading after all !! I'm sure it will be worth it, theres just seems to be so much to do to get the FMC loaded up with everything but no-one can argue that it's not a realistic add-on ....

Patw - It's interesting what you're saying about letting ATC get me there, I've found, on IFR flights that the Departure Airport will get me off at roughly the right heading but then I don't seem to get many more 'Heading Instructions' from ATC once I'm in the cruise...

I've never truly experimented with a totally blind flight with no GPS at all, so perhaps you're right and ATC would get me to my Destination's Approach options.... The biggest thing I'd miss from doing it this way is the "ETE" (Estimated Time En Route) from the GPS - it lets me know that I have enough time to russle up some food before I get near my destination !!

Cheers folks,


All interesting stuff

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