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I just bought the Saitek X45 stick and throttle set up yesterday, and obviously there are a few more buttons than the basic MS stick I had before. Does anyone have suggestions on what buttons to assign to what, and what do people use the rotating wheels on the throttle for? How do you have it set up? Maybe I am just not bright enough 🙄 😕 but i tried reading the manual to help understand the programing, but that just made it more confusing. HELP PLEASE!!!! i want to get the most out of the stick/throttle that i can but i am a little overwhelmed at the moment.

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Well I don't have that Joystick but I can tell you some suggested assignments for the buttons.

Firstly though, don't feel you should be using ALL of the buttons on a set-up like the X45... there are a LOT of buttons on my Logitech stick and I only use a few of them.

I can't tell from your posting if you are actually having trouble with setting up the assignments or not ? The Joystick assignments are accessed through the 'SETTINGS' page, scroll down and you should see all of the functions and controls for things... click on 'Change assignment' and then if you have the X45 properly set up, you will be able to just press the button you want on the joystick and it will assign the function to that button.

This is all I have buttons assigned to:-

- Pitch and Roll (obviously!)
- Throttle
- Rudder (twist the stick)
- Button assigned to LANDING GEAR
- Button assigned to FLAPS
- Button assigned to AUTOPILOT MASTER
- Button assigned to ARM SPOLIER

I think this is all you need to have a good, realistic set-up but others would assign many other buttons.

The X45 is great - sure you'll enjoy it but don't let all the buttons and controls intimidate you!



i am comfortable with how to assign diferent buttons, except the rotary wheels, i was just looking for ideas on which buttons people have for which controls.

I currently have:

elevator trim
landing gear.
ATC window

anybody able to offer insight on how to assign the rotary wheels on the X45?

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