Why are my add-ons causing problems?

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A couple months ago I installed flight sim on to my new laptop, and then bought a few add on aircraft packages. When i installed the first add on a message came up just after trying to load flight sim 2004 saying

' The version of FS2004 detected is not compatible with this version of FSUIPC! It is build 9.01.40901... You need the correct version of FS2004.

Check the help about: the build should be 9.00.30612.

FSUIPC will terminate when you select ok.'

Now i contacted miscrosoft and they emailed me a set of steps that would correct the problem which i followed and it worked, flight sim operated properly. They advised me not to install the add on though which as i had spent money on them i decided to ignore, i then installed around 5 aircraft addons and it carried on working fine. A few days ago though i bought another add on and tried installing it and this message appeared once more, so i followed the steps again by the microsoft help team and thought it would be alright to install the add ons again but its not working anymore, and flight sim is not allowing me to install my add ons without this message appearing everytime i try to load FS2004, please anyone with any advise on how to rectify the problem? Should i just accept i cant install add ons on?

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Install the new version for FS9 but keep the one you take out in case the new one won't work.



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