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Need help SonicSolutions-TwinOtterSoundPack for the Braddick

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This is long and I did not find an answer anywhere else (Q&A Forum or the web, so if my search was incomplete and there is an answer I apologize.

I downloaded the Basler BT-67 and then purchased the SonicSolutions-TwinOtterSoundPackV2.0 as recommended in the instructions

For a more immersive sound experience, you may want to alias the sound to a
different sound folder (King Air by default) or else to purchase a
separate sound pack. My (Manfred's) recommendation is Sonic Solution's
Twin Otter pack."

It all worked great! nice "new" sounds for the Bassler rather than the (King Air sounds by default).

I then downloaded the Braddick DC-3 Turbo Dakota which also uses the (King Air sounds by default) however in the instructions for the Braddick DC-3 Turbo Dakota it says and I quote "(2) Should you already have a working installation of the FSX Basler BT-67 you can skip or abort copying the Sound folder, and from the Effects
folder only the single file fx_fsx heat shimmer.fx will be needed."

but when I do this there is no sound for the Braddick DC-3 turbo? what the heck am I missing?

Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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Thank you, rather than create a new alias I just copied over the sound files but it worked like a charm 😎

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You can find a wayaround, that's fine.


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