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Rudder help

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Scott Archbold (Scotteiboi) Trainee

Whenever I need to center myself on the runway the wheel also turns when I twist my joystick. Is there any way to lock the wheel so only the rudder rotates? This goes for all my planes. Thanks!

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Sorry, no, you can't. Aircraft are set up so that when they are on the ground, the rudder pedals control the nose wheel. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to turn at all.

I would like to know why you'd want to have it like that? Wouldn't it seem useless? I mean, the plane wouldn't'd just kind of flop from one side to another I'd imagine.

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Scott Archbold (Scotteiboi) Trainee

Real aicraft have it like that......thats why i want it that way. Have you never noticed it? When they t/o the front wheel doesn't turn when they use the rudder. And if i recall, there is another sort of handle thing that controls the wheel separate from the rudder.

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leadfoot First Officer

In large aircraft there is a 'tiller' wheel that steers the nose wheel for takeoff and high speed taxi. In the little stuff like I fly, the nose wheel and the rudder are tied together. On the ground you steer with your feet. Real freaky if you've never done it before.

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