Could someone lend me CD 2 for fs2004? Please?

thereefmaster Guest

Hey all. I don't wanna sound desperate, but I am. I formatted my HD and when I went to re-install fs2004, I saw that my disc 2 was broke! It is the only one damaged, I don't know how it happened, it was in its case. I am willing to pay S/H, and even pay you for lending me the disc, just tell me where to send the payment. I will return it when its done installing, which is like 10 minutes, LOL. I just don't wanna pay 30 bucks for a new GAME when all I need is disc 2... If anyone can, thank you!


Nathan Powell

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Call MS and tell them it's scratched and won't load. They'll probably send it free.

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nottobe Captain

you send the scratched one to them, they send you the replacement.....
i think they charge a small fee for the shipping

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twistedsucker First Officer

No they don't. They'll send you the whole set again for free without any charge at all including the postage. 🙂

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Bartholomew First Officer

Why bother?

Same thing happend to me and I simply burned the content of the CD to another one, and it worked.

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